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Despite the common misconception, locks and keys and their operation are not so easy to understand. This page is designed to help you with this by providing answers to some of the most commonly asked questions on major locksmith topics. Use the information to achieve and keep an even higher level of security.

Why does the key come with a code?

Key codes are essential so the locksmith can easily identify the lost key and create a new one. According to Locksmith Buffalo Grove experts, this is much cheaper than asking a professional locksmith technician to come over and open the door for you. If you can’t find the code, then the latter is the best option.

Can I get keys for vintage cars?

If you own one and can’t open them because you don’t have the right keys, then there is a slim chance of finding a professional locksmith technician to create a key for you. Most vintage cars don’t have key codes available. If you do, then it is easier to find someone to perform rekeying.

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