Why Use an Access Control System

Why Use an Access Control System

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Access control systems are particularly beneficial to commercial businesses. When you have people in and out, you may not be sure of everyone’s intentions. Therefore, in order to protect valuables, installing access control would be wise. Access control gives someone limited access to a particular area. They must have the proper credentials to enter a controlled access area. This would include a pin number or a key fob. Advancement in technology has even made it possible for credentials to be in the form of fingerprint recognition. A locksmith is capable of installing and repairing an access control system.

Benefits of Access Control

Why Use an Access Control SystemYou may see access control systems in schools, hospitals and government buildings. When you are in these environments, it is important that there is a record of who enters the premises. With this type of system, a record of who entered and departed the building is possible. If something has occurred and they need to know who was in the building at a particular time and date, there will be record of everyone. This is especially helpful for law enforcement. It makes it easier for them to apprehend a suspect based on the information provided via the access control system. Another benefit is being able to indicate exactly when someone can have access to a particular area or building. You can program the system to accept credentials only at a particular time and date. This is something that is done at hotels. Once a guest has been required to checkout, they will no longer have access back into the room. Typically, they will have to go to the reception area to have the key reprogrammed to gain access again.

The credentials are recognized by what is known as a reader. A basic reader will be able to take the information you scan and send it directly to a control panel with a sensor known as Wiegand interface. Once identification is made, entry is allowed. The basic reader is considered non-intelligent. Advances in technology make it possible for readers to work more efficiently, with less chance of being compromised. It is unlikely that with this type of controlled access, the average person will ever attempt to gain access.

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